Theune as Breyer!

…in this Funny or Die video.

Sometimes they make good points,


Moja rodzina!

Thanks for an amazing visit!

Next up: Coulson,


Thanks, Allison!

…who also just happens to be a kick-ass human being, too.

Thanks for the twelve,





Now I'm thinking about it!

Now I’m also thinking about it,


$500 meat, fruit, and cheese plate... that was good, but not THAT good.

…that we CLEARLY didn’t pay for.

I forgot to post this back in February, when it happened.

Ain’t no meat, fruit or cheese that good,


That don't phase her!

No problem.

She’ll literally do anything for a treat,


Sometimes... get a kiss just because.

…is pretty okay.

It has its perks,



It’s now stuck to my phone case,


Zodiac Malt Liquor!

…about ten years ago.

Our old friend Thom (who also just happened to be our mailman; you can read an interview with him here) collected vintage beer cans, and that particular can of Zodiac Malt Liquor had never been opened.

Zodiac Malt Liquor was brewed in Chicago by Peter Hand Brewery Company. I don’t know the date of the can we drank, but Zodiac was brewed during the late ’60s thru the early ’70s.

As you would expect, it was awful.

I haven’t thought of that disgusting can of Zodiac for years now, but last week I spotted the above can on display in a bar here in Los Angeles, and it brought all of those decade-old memories flooding back. Ah, the good old days of hanging out with Thom, watching wrestling, and drinking shitty beer.

Sometimes, I miss them all.

Wish I had kept the empty can,



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