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…for this copy of Rolly Crump’s It’s Kind Of A Cute Story

"It's Kind Of A Cute Story" by Rolly Crump!

…which was signed by Rolly himself (and co-author Jeff Heimbuch)!

Signed by Rolly!

As if that weren’t enough, they also got me this mustachioed skull bottle opener!

To open beer with! BEER!

Thanks, guys! Youse the best!

I’m sensing a theme,


San Diego by any other name...

Thank you, Ron Burgundy,



I’ve still got it,



That is all,


A lot like this.

Running with the Mickey!

My Mickey ears are horns,


…but it took a trip to Disney World for us to actually go ahead and get them.

Check out how spot-on these are! The guy cut them in two minutes! Amazing!

KB is pretty accurate…

Disney Silhouette: KB

…but I’m seriously waiting for mine to start talking.

Disney Silhouette: Shady




Life is pretty great,


PS: Click on the image above for a larger version.

Open beer...

…for this sweet little surprise that came in the mail today!

Not only does it open a beer, but it also comes with a little reminder of home.

...with a little love from home.

Thanks, Du and Jade! Youse guys are the best!

Already used it three times today,



Dirty little Daniel….

Dirty Daniel!

All of those stickers are now stuck to my suitcase,



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