IDW's "The Bigger Bang" by D.J. Kirkbride!

…from IDW today!

Learn more about The Bigger Bang here.

Got my signed copy yesterday,


PS: Forgot to mention that my other good friend Frank Cvetkovic did the lettering on the book, as well! So now you have two reasons to pick it up!

Sweet! Socks!

…for these sweet new socks!

Can’t wait to stink ‘em up,


Turd crown on a severed-arm cat!

…for this poop sticker, that now proudly sits atop Dwellephant’s severed-arm cat as a turd crown!

I wear this crown of shit,


Uhhh... okay?

If you insist, weirdo,


Ellyde + L.A. = Drinking!

…last week!

We were only able to spend a few hours with her, but it was still great to catch up.

Safe travels back east, Ellyde!

Hung out with her on both coasts this year,


"A" for effort. "F" for execution.

Your “your” should be “you’re,”



Cock monkey,


Brain bucket!

Safety first,


So easy.

Boy does it ever,


Anya as a leopard!

Greg as a fox!

Trent Reznor as a lion!

…and something tells me you’ll do the same thing after reading this post.

I wanna be a tiger,



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