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I'm Fabman!

I’m Fabman!

Her patience knows no bounds,


What a weirdo.

That can’t be comfortable,


Mr. Fabulous loves Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles!

It only took a piece of breakfast sausage on her nose to get that shot,



That’s 20 hours a day in this house,



Not sure if it’s street art, a tag, or what, but I like it,


Mr. Fabulous and Anya!

…especially Anya.

Two cuties,


Happy eighth birthday, Mr. Fabulous!

Eight great years,


Scout: Mr. Fabulous' competition.

…a dog who also has a knack for balancing things on her head.

Thanks to Rita for passing this along!

They’ve doubled up on a few of those items,


Because nothing says Christmas like meats with faces and Santa hats!

She’ll get neither and like it,


…sent us these amazingly dapper drawings of our beasts for our birthdays.

Mr. Fabulous!

Dapper Mr. Fabulous!


Dapper Meatshake!


Dapper Heisenberg!

We love ‘em! Thanks again, Marla!

Those areĀ almost as cool as this “autographed” Maury Povich glossy that Erik and Robyn gave us!

Dapper Maury Povich!

We have the best friends in the world,



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