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Happy ninth birthday, Mr. Fabulous!

Nine wonderful years with the best dog ever,


Brain bucket!

Safety first,



Hasta la beasta,


…from Shecky Aristotle von Fabulous…

Shecky Aristotle von Fabulous, Esquire!


Shecky Aristotle von Fabulous, Esquire!

This just might be better than my all-time favorite photo of her,



Or, at least for now, success-ish!

Mr. Fabulous’ eye procedure (technically called an “intravitreal injection” or “chemical ablation,” but realistically called a “sharp needle jabbed into the eye”) went off without a hitch this morning.

We dropped her off at 10AM, and by 1PM she was ready for pickup.

She’ll be wearing the Cone of Shame for the next three days, have to get eyedrops six times a day for the next week, and have to go back in for a checkup in two weeks, but for now we’re just happy the procedure is behind us and that she’s doing well.

Or at least as well as can be expected for a dog who’ll have a satellite dish wrapped around her head for the next 72 hours.


More updates as they come,


None of this has been easy.

This Tuesday, Mr. Fabulous will undergo an intravitreal injection (also known as a chemical ablation) for her glaucoma-riddled eye. Basically, this is an injection into the eye that halts the further production of fluids. This will essentially kill the eye and reduce the pressure, hopefully, allowing us to go entirely off her ridiculous 14-times-a-day eyedrops once and for all. Fingers crossed.

Also, unlike the other options, Fab won’t have to be fully put under during the procedure, which is a huge plus.

I’ll be sure to post a status update once the procedure is done, along with photos of Fab with a cone of shame on her head. At least that will be worth it.

Thanks to everyone for the interest, love, and support these past few months. It means a lot to us. And Mr. Fabulous.

It’s about goddamn time,


Eight eyes on one eye!

…and a final decision will be made soon.

Looking forward to it being over,


…what with my birthday at the end of September, KB’s birthday in mid-October, and our wedding anniversary at the end of the month.

This year, rather than spend money on gifts neither one of us want/need, I asked KB for a change in plans. Rather than getting each other individual birthday and anniversary gifts, I wanted to buy one gift for the both of us to enjoy.

Luckily, even though she had no idea what I had up my sleeve, KB agreed.

And so I reached out to my good friend and old college pal Jason “McFly” Kincaid. I wanted to commission him to create an original piece of artwork for us, but the subject matter needed some very clear explanation.

“I’d like Mr. Fabulous sitting in a chair wearing a robe and slippers as if she were Hugh Hefner,” I explained. “And then I want Meatshake and Heisenberg standing behind her wearing suits and looking badass, as if they were her muscle.”

Once McFly stopped laughing at how ridiculous it all was, he asked me to send over some photo reference. A little less than a month ago, I did just that. Yesterday, we came back from Florida to this:

"The Beast Trio" by Jason "McFly" Kincaid!

Mr. Fabulous was looking dapper…

Mr. Fabulous by Jason "McFly" Kincaid!

…Meatshake was looking as if she weren’t to be fucked with…

Meatshake by Jason "McFly" Kincaid!

…and Heisenberg was looking oblivious.

Heisenberg by Jason "McFly" Kincaid!

That is to say: Spot. Fucking. On.

These crappy photos don’t do the piece (which measures around 15″ x 20″) justice, so if you’re lucky you just might get to see it in person someday.

Jason is an amazing illustrator; I feel lucky to be his friend, and now own one of his originals. Check out more of his work here, and then hire him to create your own original badass artwork. Your walls are looking pretty bare, aren’t they?

So glad KB agreed,



About a year and a half ago, Mr. Fabulous was diagnosed with glaucoma in her right eye. Since then, we’ve been treating her eye with regular visits to the eye doctor and a barrage of eyedrops.

At first, she was getting eight eyedrops a day: three in the morning, two at dinner, and three before bed. As of last week, she was up to 14 drops a day. Needless to say, it wasn’t fun for us, but it especially wasn’t fun for her.

In the last couple of months, we started to notice that she was bumping her head into things. She also stopped flinching or blinking when we’d administer her drops. Of course, we assumed something had changed.

Last week, that assumption proved correct when the doctor gave her a full checkup and concluded she was now officially blind in her right eye. She still has good vision and pressure in her left eye, but that doesn’t make the diagnosis any less shitty.

I adopted Mr. Fabulous when she was four months old.

Four-month-old Mr. Fabulous! With good eyesight!

This November, she’ll turn nine.

Of course, this is the natural progression of life. These things happen. But I guess I never really thought of Mr. Fabulous as being “old” until just recently. And, to be honest, that makes me a little bit sad.

Now that she’s blind we’re on to the next phase, which is figuring out what longterm solution to tackle so she (at least) isn’t living in pain with horrible pressure in an eye that is no longer of any use to her. We have a few options (yes, this is one of them), and I’ll be sure to let everyone know what we end up doing when we figure it out.

I know Mr. Fabulous is kind of like everyone’s dog, especially to those of you who come around and/or visit regularly. I love sharing her with all of you, so like I said, when we know, you’ll know.

Here’s hoping she keeps the vision in her good/remaining eye for the rest of her days. If not, we’ll probably have to go out and adopt her a seeing-eye dog.

If anyone wants to donate an eye,


That don't phase her!

No problem.

She’ll literally do anything for a treat,



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