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…that say: “HEISENBERG!”

Contrary to popular belief, these signs aren’t announcements of our newest furry addition. Sadly, the truth behind their purpose is much more boring: Our youngest beast has taken to running out the door every time someone comes or goes, so the signs are there to serve as a reminder to watch for her.

They’ve been up for a few months now.

Over Christmas, I was watching Erik and Robyn’s furry friends while they were out of town. When I walked into their apartment, I found this sign on the inside of their front door.


Heisenberg is everywhere,


Honey Bear Dong!

…as I walk Mr. Fabulous down Crescent Heights Boulevard, and that honey bear bottle used to be in the walker’s hand.

Nice play, stranger. Nice play.

Wish I had thought of it,


…is a shady pavilion, thank you very much.

Inspiring signage,


She won't be... or will she?

She won't be... or will she?

I’m not sure if it’s for a store or a women’s empowerment group.

And the creepiest part? Her name tag says “Neil.”



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