…when I see them out in public, but when you run into a member of the Jackson 5 in Hong Kong of all places, I’m pretty sure you’re obligated to ask for a photo.

He wants me back!

In my defense, he was wearing a Jackson 5 jacket… which is kind of asking for it,



…but I’m pretty sure I’ll pass.

I prefer my meats non-streaky,


…KB and I will be on our way to Hong Kong!


Which may or may not technically be a part of China!


Our last trip for awhile,


Got that, healthy motherfuckers?!?

But I prefer to do my pushups in a parking garage,


Yummy Chicago coffee from Marla!

…for bringing us this yummy coffee goodness from Chicago!

Although… she drank most of it,


…but, like our recent visit with Bill and Sarah, I have no photos to support that.

That said, I do have this image of an old beer can I shot while she was here. And considering the amount of beer we drank while she was in town, this seemed as appropriate an image to mark her visit as any.

Beer = Marla's Visit!

Second visit out of four back-to-backs,


…who is the four-year-old daughter of our good friends Brett and Marci, to draw a family portrait of us (including our three beasts).

What began as one drawing soon turned into nearly two dozen. Brett and Marci were kind enough to send all of them to us.

Holy art!

Apparently, our family’s females (which is everyone but me) became Lucy’s muse.

It was a hard choice, but in the end we decided to frame this one:

The Shadys by Lucy Beighley.

Yes, that’s KB walking Mr. Fabulous, Meatshake, and Heisenberg while I tag along, picking up piles of their smelly turds.

As payment, we sent Lucy a gift certificate to a toy store near her hometown. She bought two stuffed animals with her hard-earned money: a fluffy cat she named Cat, and a stingray she named Sea Horse.

This makes Lucy my favorite kid ever.

Just one in a series of commissioned portraits,


…and were officially our first overnight guests in our new place!

Oddly enough, I have no photos of/with them to prove they were here, but I do have a photo of the three breweries we hit up while they were in town.

Bill + Sarah + L.A. = Three Breweries

My liver hates when they visit,


Definitely got our money's worth on this one!

You served us well,


Including this rodeo photo we received from our good friends Mark and Julius…


…this burglar cupid print we bought in Berlin…


…and this Mucca Pazza print created by Dwellephant.


Seriously running out of wall space,



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