David Motari = Fuckhole

so someone can be “creative” with him and throw his macho ass off a cliff.

I wanted to share this without linking the actual video because that just perpetuates the stupidity of cavemen like Motari. But basically, all you need to know is this: Motari threw a fucking LIVE PUPPY off of a cliff, and was dumb enough to have his fellow Marine dickhead friends tape it.

They all laughed as it yelped its way down the cliff.

That alone would be bad enough. But what’s worse is Motari’s personal page on Bebo.com which claims that he actually did the puppy a favor, because it just would have died of starvation had he not thrown it over a cliff.

David Motari is STILL a fuckhole.

You’re a poster child for why abortion should stay legal, BOY. Your dad should have done the world a favor and dump-trucked you onto your mom’s stomach. Fucking monster.

So yeah, for the first time ever I think the war in Iraq is a noble cause, but only if David Motari is on the frontlines. Unfortunately, the Marines decided to expel him from the Corps. That’s like being let go from the Nazi Party for being too harsh.

One puppy is worth a thousand David Motaris,