In the player today:

Disc One: David “Honeyboy” Edwards “Mix CD from Mercedes” – From old Delta to standard Chicago, this disc has that familiar tinny (i.e. poor production) sound that one associates with old blues. My friend Mercedes sent me a bunch of old blues years ago, and “Honeyboy” was in the batch. He ain’t no Robert Johnson, but who is?

Disc Two: Bumblebeez 81 “Printz” – Now called simply The Bumblebeez, this Aussie brother and sister duo released this disc of grating noise back in 2004. I dug it then, and I still dig it now. But I have to admit, this wasn’t a blind grab from my CD rack. I got a press release about them this morning, about how they’re releasing 30 new songs in 30 days. They’re writing, practicing and recording each one the day before its release. If you’re interested in learning more, check them out here. Also, here’s a great video they did for a song called “Dr. Love” a year or so ago:

Disc Three: The Legendary Marvin Pontiac “Greatest Hits” – Singer, songwriter and mad man Marvin Pontiac went through life creating music for a career that went by virtually unknown. He would eventually become a patient of Esmerelda State Mental Institution and, years later, walk out the front door of the mental hospital and smack into the grill of a passing bus. A fan of Pontiac’s work, fellow musician and Lounge Lizard John Lurie, would later find his recordings and compile this collection of fourteen songs. Or did I just make all of that up?

Disc Four: Clint Mansell & The Kronos Quartet “Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack” – Orchestrated by the former front man for Pop Will Eat Itself, this album, like the movie it was created for, makes me want to call my mom, take some pills and fall asleep forever. It’s a real feel-good jam.

Disc Five: Martin Denny “Exotica: The Best of Martin Denny” – This disc’s bird calls and island drum beats make me feel as if I’m back in Hawaii! Or in the Tiki Room at Disney World. Either way, good times.

Some dick just decided to start up a lawnmower outside our living room window. Yippee.

My penis has a face / And it likes to bark at Germans,