…a friend of mine was directing an eight-piece orchestra in the basement of an art gallery (POVevolving) in Chinatown. He created and composed all of the music himself; truly a brilliant talent.

His name is Ali Helnwein, and you should definitely check out his website.

On the way back to our car we passed another gallery, the David Salow Gallery, and standing in the front window staring back at me was my dirty laundry.

Or, more accurately, the work of artist Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor.

Actually, let me show you exactly what I saw. I took this picture with my cell phone:

Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor

O’Connor is responsible for these enormous creatures made out of discarded clothing and bed sheets and afghans and comforters. They look as if a pile of your dirty laundry–you know, the one you disregard for weeks as it sits in the corner of your bedroom–all of a sudden were to stand up and look you dead in the eye.

And they just stand there, hovering above you, staring you down; somehow managing to be both soft and cuddly, and intimidating as fuck all at once.

The gallery was closed by the time we left so I didn’t have a chance to walk in and get face-to-face with one of these monsters, but I’ll definitely make an effort to get back down there before the show closes at the end of the month.

For whatever reason, her work really struck a chord with me. To learn more about Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor, visit her website here.

They remind me of Henson creatures,