"Matilda Turnip's Endless Belly Button" by Bethany James Leigh Shady and Joshua Peters

Coming early next year (February 2010, to be exact) is the tale of a girl named Matilda and her endless belly button.

Written by my kid sister Bethany, and illustrated by my old friend Josh Peters, “Matilda Turnip’s Endless Belly Button” tells the story of… actually, I’ll let my sister pitch it to you:

Matilda Turnip lives a boring, unloved life with her mother Orla in a tiny Irish town whose population is made up mostly of grazing sheep. But one day, she finds that her belly button is a magical portal that exciting items have begun emerging from! Each item takes her on a new adventure where she meets new friends, eventually arriving on an island where she is pleasantly surprised by someone from her past.

I’ll be posting more about the book (including a five-page preview) as the release date gets closer, but for now, Bethany and Josh have started up a Facebook fan page for the book. Click here to join the club and get ongoing updates about “Matilda Turnip’s Endless Belly Button.”

Making a big brother proud,