…standing on the corner of Olympic and Sawtelle. He was holding a skateboard in one hand, a half-full beer and lit cigarette in the other.

As people approached the corner to cross he’d scream out a quick rhyme about the person based on what race he thought they were.

While pointing at an Asian woman waiting to cross he screamed: “Japanese?!? Nigga, please!”

Next up was an average looking white guy wearing a hat and a backpack: “Don’t like the French?!? It’s the stench!”

The walk signal lit up and I began to cross; that’s when he got to me. I couldn’t make out the first half of his brilliant little street poem, but I heard the last line as clear as day: “Eat a knish!”

Don’t mind if I do, insane man. Don’t mind if I do.

Danish Yiddish Jewish,