…to write a letter of recommendation for him.

Here’s what I submitted to the six colleges he applied to:

“Letter of Recommendation for Drew Francis Linne”
(or, “Why Drew Francis Linne is Awesome… And Why Your School Needs Him”)

By Justin Shady

Drew Francis Linne is awesome. Your school needs him.

Why? Well, outside of the fact that he’s awesome (see above), Drew is more driven as a teenager than most of the friends I have who are in their thirties. Then again, most of my friends are bums, so there’s that.

Still, Drew’s passion for creativity has been deeply ingrained in him since birth. Of course, I didn’t know him way back then because hanging out with a baby is kind of creepy, but creative people have a way of smelling their own. If you think about that sentence for a second it’s kind of gross; still, it’s true.

Drew constantly sends me new pieces he’s working on, always looking for an honest opinion from a highly educated and trained professional. I don’t know any people like that, so usually I just email him back with something like, “Good job,” or, “You made art!” He emails me so often, in fact, that I’m kind of hoping your college will accept him so he can meet new people and leave me alone.

I could give you the regular “letter of recommendation” rigmarole that you read day in and day out: Drew is a great artist. He has a great eye. He’s talented. He’s blah blah blah.

Instead, I’ll give you the truth: Your college needs Drew so that some day—when he’s a hugely successful alumnus of your school—you can hit him up for donations and scholarship money. If you don’t accept him some other school is gonna be raking in that dough.

Hey, I know how it works because I went to art school!

So think of Drew as an investment. Accept his application today, be swimming in his alumni donations in ten years.

Drew’s awesome… but not nearly as awesome as,

-Justin Shady

He got his first acceptance letter two days later,