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Dear BP,

I look forward to your contributions to my campaign.


– Rand Paul

…Nicaragua Don Zeledon!

Grind on,


…with Damon, Carlton and the Muppets:

Tikka tikka tikka,


…(see below), but it’s not nearly as fantastic as this video:

Giving Pixar a run for its money,



That is all,


…with special guest Henry Ian Cusick! Check it out right here!

And then there was one,


…with five television appearances! Be sure to check him out on:

Guest on “The View” (ABC) and “Lopez Tonight” (TBS)
“Lost” (ABC… duh.)

Special “Lost” episode of “Dinner: Impossible” (Food Network)*
*With a possible appearance by Bethany!

Guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (NBC)

Definitely busier than my week,


dead at 67.

The Devil is never a maker,


I love Trent Reznor!

No, seriously… I do,


…on the red carpet from last night’s “Lost Live” event at UCLA:

Bethany in the back,



Old Poop!