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Not a lyin’ ass bitch,


…in a stare-off!

The Muppets are officially cool again,


…but I had a few photos from the “Lost Live” event that I wanted to share.

We definitely met a ton of awesome people that night, but one of the coolest people we got to meet was “The Iron Giant”/”The Incredibles” director (and voice of Edna Mode) Brad Bird:

We also got to meet the main man of the evening, Michael Giacchino:

But by far the coolest person I got to hang out with that night was my kid sister Bethany:

I’m occasionally sentimental… but don’t get used to it,


Last July I posted this. Remember that? Yeah.

Well, I’m still doing “Sketchbook” posts here on “The Blarg” (see the most recent “Sketchbook” entry here), but unfortunately I had a piece of shit Dell laptop that died and, when it did, it took my email list of interested and contributing artists with it.

So if you’re a regular contributor to “Sketchbook,” or if you’re just interested in being placed on the assignment list, please email me here and let me know.

As of right now there’s only one person on the list: me. That’s gonna be a pretty sad next entry if I don’t get more people signed up.

Hit me back and spread the word,


Here’s the tenth installment of “Sketchbook,” a reoccurring section here on “The Blarg.” To learn more about “Sketchbook” and become involved yourself, click here.

The phrase for the tenth “Sketchbook” was: John.

Below are the submissions. Click on each image for a larger version of the art, and click on the artist’s name to visit their website.

Also, click below to check out previous “Sketchbook” assignments:

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Sketchbook: “Mickey & Mallory”

Sketchbook: “Fool”

Thanks to everyone who participated! I’ll be sending out the next assignment soon.

Goddamn Dell computers,



Ralph Apel:

Sketchbook: "John" by Ralph Apel

Jenea Kaitaz:

Sketchbook: "John" by Jenea Kaitaz

Bill Hewitt:

Sketchbook: "John" by Bill Hewitt

Dave Sylvester:

Sketchbook: "John" by Dave Sylvester

Pauly Spooner:

Sketchbook: "John" by Pauly Spooner

John Steib:

Sketchbook: "John" by John Steib

Drew Linne:

Sketchbook: "John" by Drew Linne

Looking for a new toy for your furry little family member? Why not pick up this catnip-filled toy that was inspired by the movie “The Human Centipede.”

Yep, that’s serious. Get your very own toy here.

ATM for pussies,


Fans of “Breaking Bad” should know it,



Sounds like a bad joke,


…the 1927 edition of the book Great Poems of the English Language.

Handwritten inside the book was this:

For Valli

The Williamson coil stranger than air
gives off truly a holy light
like honey bleeding from coal.

Under this blue folding darkness
is our blanket of black
small light ideas and animals
are hailed to silence and glow
their heads next to mine in warmth.

– Joseph E. Zimmelman, L.A., 1968/2/29

I’m not sure who Valli or Joseph E. Zimmelman were but I thought I’d share.

1968 was a leap year,


…which you can read more about here.

Today I found out that Mickey was busy shilling amphetamines in Africa in the 1950s! Learn more about that here.

Mickey’s your pusherman,


Old Poop!