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…for Dead Man’s Bones’ “Pa Pa Power” is awesome.

Working on seeing them live,


…I posted this about my good friends Tim and Jess.

Yesterday, Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate ran this story about their ongoing situation. Be sure to also check out the video link on the left side.

Getting through it,


…here you go:

Best part of the show,


…to our friends Bill and Sarah in San Francisco.

Recently, we’ve begun sending postcards back and forth between our dogs; we have a mutt named Mr. Fabulous, they have a golden retriever named Bowery.

I hope their mailman is able to put two and two together because otherwise this postcard is super creepy:

Mailmen must have a million stories,


…at the Emmys!

Bethany will be wearing a purple dress; Jorge won’t.

Proud (and admittedly a little jealous) big brother,


…right? Wrong.

Thanks to Dave Lee for the enlightenment,


So goddamn brilliant…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How people blindly follow that shit is beyond me,


But you barely know me,


…right here.

All good things come to an end,


…the sixth (and final) season of “Lost” on DVD/Blu-ray today!

Hurley and Ben unite,


Old Poop!