…for our “Everyday People” section of “Tastes Like Chicken” back in October 2004. You can read the interview here. At the time, Joe was an 80-year-old funeral home director.

Four years later, in August 2008, Joe passed away. His daughter, Rita, has been a close friend of our family for years. After his death, Rita gave me two pairs of Adidas that Joe owned. (For an 80-year-old man, Joe was pretty damn hip.) One of the pairs was barely used; the other pair had never been worn even once.

I wore out the first pair awhile ago. This past weekend, I decided it was time to officially retire the second pair.

Still, even with his shoes long gone, I almost always have a piece of Joe on me… or stuck in my beard. On the day we interviewed him I grabbed a comb from the funeral home. I call it my funeral comb.

So thanks for the interview, the shoes, and the comb, Joe. I got pretty great use out of all three.

Joe’s Adidas,