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…especially if you’re working on “Inglourious Basterds” with Quentin Tarantino.

Seventy-nine fucking explosives,


…appears in a commercial entry for the annual Doritos and Pepsi Max Present: Crash the Super Bowl Contest.

Watch the commercial here.

Kevin also popped up on Craig Ferguson last week dressed as Dr. Who. Check out a very brief glimpse of him around the 1:40 mark here:

Shilling soda and science fiction,


…tonight on CBS. Check your local listings and all that jazz.

Also, a big congrats to Jorge on landing a leading role on the new J.J. Abrams project “Alcatraz.” Learn more about his next project here.

Keeping busy,


…from this 1969 clip from the Iowa Public Television’s kids’ show “Volume See.”

Don’t hit me while I’m making eyes,


Check it out here!

Half dozen,


Seth Grahame-Smith (“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”), Travis Beacham (“Clash of the Titans”) and Michael Diliberti (“30 Minutes or Less”) for “Variety.”

Check it!

One of these days I’ll be the interviewee,


…on finishing their first-ever half marathon!

Bill and I slept in and ate breakfast,


…that not only has a drink named “The Jenna Jameson,” but also uses the word “pucker” in its description.

Visit the Crooked Kilt in Paso Robles,


…or they’re terrified of it. Not sure which.

Either way, order your copy here!

Entertaining/terrifying your kids this Thanksgiving,


…right here:

Still diggin’ ’em,


Old Poop!