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…spread love, not tumors? Or is it just me?

Nothing says tumors like bread with a face,


…right here:

Me likey,


…who voted to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” today, and a big thumbs-down to the 31 senators who voted against it.

Also, a giant “BOOO!” on the soul of hypocrite John McCain, who back in October 2006 stated on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” the following:

“And I understand the opposition to it, and I’ve had these debates and discussions, but the day that the leadership of the military comes to me and says, ‘Senator, we ought to change the policy,’ then I think we ought to consider seriously changing it because those leaders in the military are the ones we give the responsibility to.”

You are a liar, McCain! May you be remembered as such. Oh, and as a loser.

Legalizing gay marriage is next,


dead at 69.

Unfortunately, the suits at Sony Music Entertainment have made it virtually impossible to embed any of his old videos, so I highly encourage all of you to seek out and illegally steal Beefheart’s albums from BitTorrent.

Especially try and thieve his 1967 debut “Safe As Milk,” which features a 20-year-old Ry Cooder on guitar.

The best music is free music,


…this time from the streets of New York and with special guest Michael Peña.

Got big,


Michael Peña

…and super interesting at the same time!

Wealthy and healthy,


This post is for an audience of two… soon to be three,


…Holiday Blend 2010!

It is happening again,


…I was fortunate enough to eat at the Griddle Cafe.

If you don’t know what the Griddle is, all you need to know is that they make a lot of food that looks like this:

In all seriousness, in the past we’ve waited well over an hour for a table. But last week we were invited to the “Holiday Media Breakfast for Dinner” sponsored by the Griddle itself and Java Monster.

The meal was definitely one of the best freebies I’ve ever received.

Not only were we treated to pancakes, French toast, and coffee-flavored energy drinks, but we were also given complimentary glasses of champagne. A few of them, actually. Okay, a lot of them.

We even got to try out their red velvet pancakes (which are also available as a mix on their website). Oh, man… it was the best, Jerry! The best!

Located on Sunset Boulevard, the Griddle is easily one of our favorite spots in the city, especially when people are in visiting from out of town. Our pitch is simple: “It’s worth the wait.” I don’t think we’ve taken anyone there who would disagree.

So the next time you find yourself hungry in Los Angeles, be sure to hit up the Griddle. You’ll be glad you did.

Mixing breakfast and booze,


With Christmas just around the corner I’ve been bit by the bug of giving! And what better way to give things away than by holding a contest? But this isn’t just any contest, folks. This is the Worst Contest Ever! Literally.

Need proof? Look at these awesome prizes!

Prize packet includes:

– An autographed empty water bottle from the set of “Two and a Half Men.” (Note: Bottle contains one real autograph from Justin Shady and three fake autographs from the cast of “Two and a Half Men.”

– A water-damaged advance copy of People of Walmart: Shop & Awe.

– An old iPhone case!

– A burned CD of Daniel Tosh’s “True Stories I Made Up.” (Note: Tracks were accidentally burned out of order.)

– A pipe for smoking weed! (Or whatever!)

See? I told you it was the worst contest ever. I might even throw in some other garbage before the contest ends.

Wanna enter? Email me here with your name, age, address, and a brief description of the worst Christmas gift you ever received. (Bonus points if you can dig up a photo of you with the horrible item.)

Contest ends on Wednesday, December 22nd.

Good luck on being the “winner” of this horrible, terrible, awful contest!

I may even throw in a drawing,


Old Poop!