Shepard Fairey

…for “The Onion” back in June 2009. You can check out the interview here.

During that interview, Shepard and I got on the topic of the late Joe Strummer. I told him I had an opportunity to shoot a few photos of him just shortly before his death in December 2002. When I got home from the interview I printed a couple of the photos out; I figured I’d drop them off at his studio the next time I was in the neighborhood.

And then the photos sat here on a table for a year and a half. Last week, I finally decided to just send them out in the mail.

Yesterday, I got this in the mail:

He even signed it and told me to “stay shady” which, you know, I get a lot:

Obey Shepard here.

Thanks, Shepard.

Free books are the best books,