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Here’s the fourteenth installment of “Sketchbook,” a reoccurring section here on “The Blarg.” To learn more and become involved yourself, click here.

The phrase for the fourteenth “Sketchbook” was: Eighties.

Below are the submissions. Click on each image for a larger version of the art, and click on the artist’s name to visit their website.

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Thanks to everyone who participated! The next assignment will go out soon!

Even my most clever ideas were dumb,



Bill Hewitt:

Sketchbook: "Eighties" by Bill Hewitt

Susanne Iles:

Sketchbook: "Eighties" by Susanne Iles

Sketchbook: "Eighties" by Susanne Iles


Sketchbook: "Eighties" by Molitorious

Jenea Kaitaz:

Sketchbook: "Eighties" by Jenea Kaitaz

…recently started drawing a new series of pen and ink portraiture.

When Marla was out here visiting us a few weeks ago, she noticed this old photo of my Grandpa Shady hanging on our wall:

From that photo, she drew this:

And yesterday, I received this mustachioed portrait of yours truly:

Learn more about Marla, and this series of work, here.

Waiting on KB’s mustache next,


…featuring Talib Kweli, right here.

Learn more about Blaqstarr, and his upcoming mixtape, here.

If that track is any indication of what’s to come, I’m excited,


…in this shitty photo I took with my phone (you can click on the image for a larger view), but a huge beehive in our neighborhood fell out of a tree and now there are a million bees everywhere!

The whole ground was literally buzzing. It was pretty badass.

My favorite bee is Buzz-Off,


…for recently getting his first (and possibly last) tattoo.

Normally I’d say that getting a tattoo at 18 years old is a terrible idea, but this tattoo has a special meaning behind it.

Our late grandfather, known lovingly by most as Hi-Guy, had the same (for the most part) tattoo of Flower from “Bambi” on his arm. Matthew’s tattoo is a nod to a man we all loved very much.

Great stuff, Matthew. He’d be proud of you… and then he’d make fun of you and call you a knob.

Next thing you know Matthew will be digging in dumpsters,


…on finishing her second half-marathon this past weekend!

There were more people there,


Good riddance.

Dumbass doesn’t even begin to describe him,


Went out to walk Mr. Fabulous and noticed we got a new dumpster delivered.

When I opened it up I noticed it was completely empty…

…but not for long.

Fab is the first deposit,


…looks like, uh… not a tree?

I swear I can even see the outline of a head,


Check it out here!

“C” is for cookie,


Old Poop!