Fact #1: The first issue of a comic sells much better than the second issue.

Fact #2: I have no first issues of either “Bad Ideas” or “The Roberts,” but a handful of second issues of both.

Fact #3: I want to get rid of them.

Here’s the deal, folks: I’m giving away nine #2 packets for free. Well, they’re mostly free because I’m charging $5 for shipping. (I don’t want to lose money, for crying out loud!) For that $5 you’ll get autographed copies of “Bad Ideas” #2 and “The Roberts” #2, as well as an original drawing from yours truly! Out of those nine, one lucky person will receive a super awesome secret prize!

So the first nine folks who send in $5 (sent via PayPal to word@tlchicken.com) will get their filthy little hands all over my number twos! Ewww!

By the way, I also have four additional #2 copies of “The Roberts.” If interested in getting a signed copy of just that issue, send just $2 for shipping.

So hit me up soon and get these stinky number twos out of my sight!

Poop jokes are always funny,