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Not ashamed to admit I teared up,


…enough to create eight small wood etchings as an homage to the late comedian.

Essenpreis created the series for Gallery 1988’s second installment of “Is This Thing On?” Unfortunately, all of the pieces sold out, but you can still check them out (and turn them into a desktop wallpaper) here.

If you don’t know who Mitch Hedberg was, get educated here.

And finally, learn more about Kiersten Essenpreis here.

Wish I had grabbed one,


You won’t be missed.

You’ll always be sex fluid to me,


Looks like the Devil’s lemon,


Hope everyone got lots of candy,


…for this “OC Weekly” article.



Dig it here!



…but that makes life interesting, doesn’t it?

Thanks to Tim for sending this along, and Ted for agreeing to let me post it!

Shady’s take,


See more of his work (and this great series) here.

Wish I had thought of it,


I first told you about this here.

Last week, we got this:


It’s already almost gone,


Old Poop!