…or at least one French dude in particular does.

Even though we haven’t updated Tastes Like Chicken‘s website in nearly five years, it still gets a pretty good amount of traffic.

Occasionally, we’ll receive an email about one of the site’s articles. Sometimes, it’s a nice pat on the back. Other times, it’s something like this:

NOTE: This email appears exactly as it was received; it has not been corrected.


You would never ever expect a french-native person to step across that http://www.tlchicken.com/article.php?ARTid=892, wouldn’t you? Well, you guys were wrong.

That very first sentence that you called a french saying (or so – pardon my english) is not close to something I could successfully pronounce! What in hell have the author been thinking about? Doesn’t he/she knows google? And sadly it soon made me react by warning you and doubt the quality of your entire work.

I’m off to give it a try anyway.

Meanwhile, please try to find the original ‘saying’ — and sorry if nothing comes in mind right now as to match the english translation you gave.



To which, I have this to say:

Mon cher Phil,

Merci pour votre note, mais vue que notre Francais soit aussi bon que notre Englais, nous sommes quittes.



PS: Si c’était pas pour nous, Americains ignorants, vous parlerez en Allemand.