…a ten-year-old Denielle Carr officially became a School Safety Cadet at Doerfler Elementary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

They even gave her a certification card to verify her honorable status; you know, just in case anyone ever doubted her.

A few years ago, my Aunt Teri gave me a used copy of Zolar’s Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams that she picked up either at a used bookstore or a yard sale (she can’t remember which). Tucked inside the paperback, being used as a bookmark, was Denielle’s card.

Earlier today, thanks to Google, I tracked Denielle down. She is now Denielle Cerny, 50 years old, and living in Irvine, California.

Tomorrow, her School Safety Cadet card will start its journey back to her. She hasn’t seen it in almost 40 years.

I’m glad I could do my part to bring a little piece of Denielle’s past to her present.

I was a School Safety Cadet, too,