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…well, kind of.

Stewart played this clip from FDR’s 1936 reelection campaign. It’s shocking how relevant a 76-year-old video still is today.

That says it all,


Every once in awhile “The Blarg” gets stuff sent in for review consideration. I’m not always the best person to review said material, so occassionally I’ll find an appropriate person (i.e., close friend) to write a review for me.

I get a post out of it. They get some free stuff. Everyone is happy!

This time, my good friend Kevin Kittridge reviews three Doctor Who DVDs. Enjoy!

By Kevin Kittridge

Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden (BBC)
(AKA Doctor Who: The Dark Side of Sid and Marty Kroftt)

The Story

Okay, so Sid and Marty Krofft didn’t actually have anything to do with this episode, but with all the drugs and people in big ugly monster suits you definitely wouldn’t be scoffed at for making the connection.

The Special Features

In The Nightmare of Television Centre, we get an extremely candid behind-the-scenes discussion on the technical aspect of making this episode. During the filming of the extra, even those responsible for the creation of the silly-looking monsters were realizing how goofy it all looked.

There’s an interview with writer Bob Baker who discusses the opportunity he had to write this episode. (How would you like to write a cheap Doctor Who?) He goes on to talk about the intricacies of writing a Doctor Who episode that deals with the illegal drug trade.

The Doctor’s Strange Love featurette documents three fans discussing the episode on the set of The Sarah Jane Adventures (BBC)… while sitting in front of Mr. Smith!

The commentary features Lalla Ward (Romana) and Toby Hadoke (among many others), who is best known for his one man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf.

Doctor Who: Dragonfire (BBC)

The Story

Mel —> Ace

Dragonfire shows one of those rare special moments where we witness the current companion (Mel) sharing her last episode with the new companion (Ace), essentially passing the torch to her replacement.

The Special Features

The disc features plenty of interesting, insider information in Fire and Ice (The Making of Dragonfire). Sophie Aldred (Ace) discusses how she got the part (which initially wasn’t supposed to be a recurring role) without ever actually having been on television before. Two huge things make this worth checking out:

1. Finding out what Ace’s name was supposed to be (I won’t spoil it), and…

2. …audition footage of Sylvester McCoy for the role of the Doctor, during which the role of “Assistant” is played by Janet Fielding (AKA the former Tegan Jovanka)! Very cool to see!

It’s also interesting to note that Sylvester pushed for certain elements of the audition (in which the assistant tells the Doctor that it is time for her to go) to be included in the real exit scene for Mel.

We get deleted/extended scenes, another discussion by fans in The Doctor’s Strange Love, a look at visual effects in the series, and a commentary track headlined by Sophie Aldred.

Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol (BBC)

The Story

Three words: The Kandy Man.

The Doctor and Ace arrive on a planet where it is illegal to be unhappy.

The Special Features

Happiness Will Prevail (The Making Of) discusses the not-so-thinly-veiled political turn in the show. Helen A was well known as a caricature of Margaret Thatcher. Sylvester McCoy has been quoted as saying, “Our feeling was that Margaret Thatcher was far more terrifying than any monster the Doctor had encountered.”

Politics aside, there are some short (but extremely telling) clips that show McCoy offering suggestions on set as to how to improve the scene. Also, the guy playing the Kandy Man had an absolutely miserable time inside his costume.

When Worlds Collide examines the infusion of politics in the show throughout its history, and debates whether or not the show is the appropriate place for pushing political agendas.

Once again we are treated to audio commentary from Sophie Aldred and moderated by Toby Hadoke. Also included are an impressive photo gallery, as well as numerous extended and deleted scenes.

Check out Kevin’s first batch of Doctor Who DVD reviews here!

Also be sure to visit Kevin’s blog, Don’t Panic!, here!

…for sending us eight prints of her amazing art!

And that’s not all, folks, because she also sent us four Disneyland air fresheners!

Mickey Mouse Waffle! Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bar! Candy Apple! Turkey Leg! Yeah, we’ve got all the scents up in this bitch!

So thanks, Marla, for making the walls of our apartment prettier, and the stink in our car… Disney-er.

Be sure to check out more of Marla’s work (because that photo above is total shit and doesn’t do those prints justice) here.

We’re afraid Mr. Fabulous is going to eat them,


First, KB and I received a year’s worth of Alterra Coffee as a gift from our good friends Milan, Dori, Marla and Jodi!

Then, we received another year from ’em!

Next, we received quarterly beer shipments from our good friends Denise and Joe!

And now we’ve received a gift of monthly liquor shipments from our good friends Bill and Sarah!

October is tequila! Patron, to be exact.

The next twelve months are going to be awesome… and a complete blur.

Waiting on a money-of-the-month gift,




…Beth and Jorge got me a gift certificate to the Belgian Shop with the hopes of adding to my already enormous beer glass collection (most of which was stolen).

I sat on the gift certificate for almost a year. The site had such a great selection that I couldn’t make a decision. But about a month ago, I finally sat down and committed to a few glasses.

I got a Bobeline glass…

…a Piraat glass…

…a Gulden Draak glass…

…a Delirium Tremens glass…

…and finally, the pièce de résistance, a La Corne horn-shaped glass and stand!

They even threw in a few coasters for good measure.

Thanks to Beth and Jorge for an awesome birthday gift! Even if it did take me over a year to actually act on it.

Na zdrowie,


My good friend Erik Rose created two theme songs for “The Blarg.”

We’re still trying to figure out a way to download them, but for now you can check out the two different versions here:



Be sure to vote for your favorite one below in the comments section!

Thanks again to Erik,




Real fucking scary,




Old Poop!