I’ve owned this beautiful dog/shotgun mug for a long time. It has sat on my desk, holding my pencils and pens, for more than a decade.

RIP: My Beautiful Dog/Shotgun Mug

It sat there throughout almost the entire run of Tastes Like Chicken.

It sat there on the day I brought Mr. Fabulous home from the shelter.

It even sat there on September 11th, 2001. (I remember that one especially because we’re never supposed to forget.)

But last week, as KB and I hung out in the living room, our new nightmare (to be read: Heisenberg) jumped up on my desk in the office and pushed my beautiful dog/shotgun mug onto the floor. On purpose. Or so I assume.

The result… is tragic.


...and sigh again.

Why, Heisenberg? Why?!?

Thankfully, after a quick Google search of “dog” and “shotgun” and “mug,” I found two eBay entries selling similar mugs. This one is close, but this one is a dead ringer! High-five!

What’s that? Did I buy either of them? Ummm… no. I mean, it’s cool and all, but I’m not sure it’s worth $20 or $35, respectively.


The end of an era… or at least the end of a beautiful dog/shotgun mug,