The new tattoo!

I almost forgot to post this!

Back in December, I got my fourth tattoo. I had been thinking about getting this one for years now, so when KB got me a free tattoo “coupon” for my birthday last September, I decided to cash it in while we were back in Milwaukee for Christmas.

Adam of Adambomb Tattoo Gallerie did the actual inking (he’s done my last three tattoos), but the artwork for the piece was done by my good friend Dwellephant.

The idea for the piece was simple: a line of handwritten text around my forearm that showcases the cities I’ve lived in.

Dwellephant got busy and sent me a few sketches:

New tattoo sketches by Dwellephant.

In the end, I opted for the continuous-line, script version (with a few tweaks).

From Milwaukee (MKE)…


…to Columbus (CBUS)…


…to Los Angeles (LA)…


…with space for more. We’ll see what ends up in that spot.

Already thinking about tattoo #5,