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Big Nerds.

Big deal, Rachel. Look what Jorge bought me.

Big nerd.

I win,


Don't... turn... around.

The stuff of nightmares,


PS: This one is obviously faked, but it’s just as terrifying.

Happy EastAHHH!!!

All we got are salted sticks.


Guessing “pretzel” is trademarked,



I’ll take my chances with the speeding cars,


You were comment #10,000 here on the The Blarg!

10,000 comments on "The Blarg"!

Paul Spooner: Super Commenter
Now on to 20,000,


…which, for an older guy, was pretty awesome, especially when you consider the fact that TLC was mostly (and admittedly) filled with immature dick-and-fart jokes.

Still, back in the day, Frank was an avid supporter of our little monthly publication.

Back then, we used to do this thing called Project: Tastes Like Chicken Abroad, where we encouraged fans to take a photo of themselves holding an issue somewhere exotic (meaning: anywhere that wasn’t Columbus, Ohio).

Frank was one of the first people to send in a photograph. In the summer of 2000, Frank submitted this photo of him holding a copy of Volume 2, Issue 9 of Chickenhead in Cape Cod. (NOTE: During our first two years of publication we were known as Chickenhead, not Tastes Like Chicken.)

Frank Muri tastes like chicken.

Last night, Frank passed away.

In addition to being a supporter of TLC, Frank was one hell of a nice guy.

I actually had the opportunity to meet and hang out with him a few years ago. First and foremost, I remember Frank being an exceptionally kind man, but he was also quick with a funny story or joke, he laughed easily, and he made those around him laugh as well.

He will be missed.

We couldn’t have asked for a better fan,


30-Day Drawing Challenge

You should, too!

I’ll be sure to post each one,


R.I.P. Taxes: 2001-2005

See you later, 2001 thru 2005!

That felt good,


Darth's vacation begins.

Join him on the dark side… and by “dark side” I mean “Hawaii,”


Stay tuned,


Old Poop!