…got me a set of pint glasses from Milwaukee Brewing Co. last Christmas.

Milwaukee Brewing Co. pint glasses from Tiggins!

All four glasses feature Milwaukee’s cityscape, but each individual pint has its own unique feature. This one features the city’s iconic Allen-Bradley clock tower.

Milwaukee's cityscape with the Allen-Bradley clock.

On this one, the Allen-Bradley clock has been replaced with the (now demolished) Sydney Hih building.

Milwaukee's cityscape with the Sydney Hih building.

The Sasquash (from a seasonal brew of the same name) shows up on this one…

I see a Sasquash!

…and the last one features something the city of Milwaukee is all too familiar with.


Thanks for adding to my pint glass collection, Tiggins!

Learn more about Milwaukee Brewing Co. here.

Now they just need some beer in them,