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Wisconsin's Shame

…and I’m thinking of printing it on t-shirts.

Taking orders,


…we find either this waiting in the window for us:

Mr. Fabulous waiting patiently.

Or this:

Meatshake and Heisenberg waiting patiently.

At least they’re excited to see us,


Can't tell if this is a religious thing or a gay thing.

Only because I feed her,


Recently, thanks to my friend Eric Homan, I’ve been visiting CCAD’s memory lane.

This morning, Eric sent me photos from a CCAD graduation party in May 1998.

Apparently, back then I was sweaty and disgusting…

Strike one...

…wore clothes that were nine sizes too big for me…

...strike two...

…and, worst of all, drank Rolling Rock.

...strike three!

Feel free to stop sending me any more memories, Eric!

Not sure how I ever got laid,



Holy shitballs,


Charles Cecil Carpenter

Last week, while walking Mr. Fabulous, I rounded the corner of Hayworth and Whitworth to find a woman attempting to help Charles up off the ground. I helped her lift him off the grass, but as soon as he was on his feet the woman took off.

Charles knew a lot. He told me his full name, his age (83), his wife’s name (Cynthia), and his old address. But what Charles couldn’t remember was where he was or currently lived. He said he had recently been in the hospital for a few days (he showed me bandages on his forearms) and that his wife moved into a new apartment while he was there. He wandered out of their new place for a walk, became confused, and got lost.

I called the cops. They said they’d send out a car. While we waited, I sat down next to Charles and learned more about him. He had lived in L.A. for a long time, but was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I told him I spent nine years in Columbus, and he told me he lived in Columbus for four years while going to school at OSU. I asked him what years he lived there. His response was quiet: “Long ago.”

The cops showed up, asked him a few questions, and then asked me to help put him in the squad car. As I knelt down in front of him to help him up, I quickly shot the above image with my phone.

We put him in the backseat. I wished him luck. He thanked me. The car pulled off.

The next day I called the Wilshire Division of the LAPD for an update. Luckily, they reunited Charles with his wife shortly after picking him up.

Good thing, because I don’t think we can fit another living being in our apartment.

He may not remember me but I’ll never forget him,


"Hope & Strength: Life After Miscarriages"

My friend Eric Homan (a fellow CCAD grad) recently shot and edited a documentary called Hope & Strength: Life After Miscarriages.

The short focuses on Justin Jason (also a fellow CCAD grad) and his wife Nikki as they discuss the five miscarriages they struggled through before finally having their son Calix, and the artwork Jason created to help cope with their string of losses.

Check it out here.

Two from Eric in one day,


…all of this will probably be very familiar to you.

Thanks to Eric for sharing it,


"The Hollywood Reporter" August 9th, 2013

…which I’m assuming most of you didn’t, you may have seen a familiar face.

Mr. Fabulous in "The Hollywood Reporter."

Fab’s Hollywood debut,


StePhest Colbchella '013


Kissinger, for cryin’ out loud,


Old Poop!