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I found this laying on the ground yesterday:

Piper + Hendrix... FOREVER!!!

This was on the opposite side:


And when unfolded, I found this:


Piper truly loves Hendrix. And she drew the puppy to prove it.

Two kids with two awesome names,


Bethany James Leigh Shady on "Lost"

…on the Lost for Lost Rewatch podcast!

Learn more (and listen in) here.

I think that show ended awhile ago,


Ray Charles! On a stamp!

Mess around,


Demon child!

I think she’s possessed,


Nine Inch Nails' "Hesitation Marks"

For our twelfth, longest, and final entry, Erik and I discuss the album’s thirteenth and fourteenth tracks, “While I’m Still Here” and “Black Noise.”

We also talk about our favorite Nine Inch Nails tracks! Ooo… the suspense! And I realize that I babble endlessly!

Listen to the songs here and here first, then download or stream our review below.

Episode 12 – “While I’m Still Here” & “Black Noise”

The beginning of the end,


People I love...

...pointing at me.

Thanks for making a birthday boy feel loved.

And for the beer,


Hello, 37!



Bye, 36!

Where that number began,


Nine Inch Nails' "Hesitation Marks"

For our eleventh entry, Erik and I discuss the album’s twelfth track, “In Two.” Listen in as Erik oozes with love for this track, and seethes with hatred for the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Listen to the song here first, then click below to download or stream our review.

Episode 11 – “In Two”



Sad. Just sad.

…give it up already.

Come pick ’em up anytime,


Old Poop!