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…when we went to Berlin, so I had to buy a new one once we got there.

He's the one they call Dr. Best!

I picked up a Dr. Best toothbrush, which sounds like the title of a hair metal song.

Yesterday, I used it to clean off the posts of our car battery,


Prominent Zitcomfort!

Still not sure what they do,


…on our way from Berlin to Brussels.

We were in the country for about a half hour and made only one stop to fill up the tank and grab some snacks from a grocery store that sells everything from produce to life-sized gorilla statues.

Only in the Netherlands can you buy a life-size gorilla statue in a grocery store.

The store also had this highly offensive sign hanging from its ceiling.


Far more interesting (and racist) than I imagined,



Inside were these three addresses written on tiny scraps of paper.


Let the theories begin,


…but I’m slowly getting better.

Stolen glass from À la Mort Subite in Brussels.

On our most recent trip, I only stole this one glass from À la Mort Subite (French for “a sudden death”) in Brussels. Mort Subite is a spontaneous fermentation beer, sometimes better known as a lambic.

I didn’t order the drink (it was actually a framboise for KB), but figured it was a good glass to snag.

One step at a time,


Apparently, Vanilla Ice is now so desperate that he comes out and performs every time someone orders a brownie at this restaurant in Berlin.

Dessert dessert, baby!

Such a long fall from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze,


…to bite a radish that has been carved into the shape of a swan in half with a guy you have a bromance with, you just have to jump at the chance.




You’ll forever be my radish swan sharer, Pudds.

See you in a year… hopefully,


Back from Belgium!

…but we were in Germany and Belgium for two weeks.

The good news is I’m back, so look for a plethora of posts pronto.

So many Ps,



Hey, they’re making Ethiopian food, not writing poetry,


Free parking, kids!

Staying off the road in between naps,


Old Poop!