…on a flight to L.A. from London.

We were on our way back home from Berlin and Belgium; Vanessa was traveling from her home country of England to meet up with her husband Dominic, who was in town as a guest at a Doctor Who convention.

Vanessa is a freelance photographer and composer; Dominic is also a composer (in 1986, he created this Doctor Who theme for the show’s 23rd Season). As fellow creative folks, we quickly hit it off.

We talked about film, television, politics—a little bit of everything—and exchanged info when we landed. Soon after, we became Facebook friends with Vanessa. A couple weeks later, we became Facebook friends with Dominic.

A few days ago, they posted this photo of Dominic reading The Roberts at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy to my wall.

Dominic Glynn reading "The Roberts" at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy!

I now officially love these folks.

Can’t wait to visit them in England… someday,