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Dwelleface phone case!

…but before it completely disappears I wanted to share this face that Dwellephant drew on my phone case this past weekend.

The mustache was already there,


FOUND! In KB's parents' couch!

Apparently, KB’s parents find wood instruments.

Hoping to find a bassoon next,


Three Dicks walk into a bar...

I know it might seem like I sit at home all day long, drinking whiskey and updating The Blarg, but the truth is I spend much of my day writing.

Lately, most of that writing has been on long-form projects, like screenplays, teleplays, detailed pitches, and (those ever-dreaded) rewrites. The shortest of these projects come in around 30 pages; the longest ones top out around 120.

Because of this, I sometimes take an hour or so to write a short comedic sketch (between one to ten pages) to break up the monotony of those more long-form projects. Over the past couple years I’ve written about a dozen of them; but while they’re fun to write as an exercise, nobody ever really gets to read them.

So to remedy this, I’ve decided to put them out there for everyone to read. I’m doing this for two reasons:

1. I like to share! That, and it’s better than having them sit on my hard drive until I’m dead.

2. It’s my hope that someone out there might be inspired to actually do something with them. Want to film it as a short? Awesome. Interested in animating it? Go for it. Feel like performing it onstage somewhere? I double-dog dare you. All I ask is that you give me credit where it’s due, and (if possible) send me a copy of the final product to check out. I’ll even put it up on The Blarg to share with the four people who visit my site. Hi, Dad!

The fifth of Shady’s Shorts is called “Double the Pleasure, Triple the Fun.”

Download it by clicking below.


Number four,


“Double the Pleasure, Triple the Fun” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Created by Justin Shady, ©2014.
Creative Commons License



I should get a job writing those,


Sigh... 'merica.

…will you find a sports network named Shooting USA.

Guess it’s in the title,


Never seen that before.

I’d rather be fishing… at a Neil Diamond concert,


…she finished up her gift of Toilet Paper of the Month with these two gems:

Toilet Papers of the Month: July!

Toilet Papers of the Month: August!

Waiting for our next “of the month” gift,


…yesterday, and decided to turn it into a Mother’s Day card for my mom.

My "real" Mother's Day card...

Oddly enough, the back of it even had her real first name (Betty) printed on it.

...personally made out to my awesome mom, Betty!

I’m hoping she doesn’t notice that it’s not really from me.

Hoping to find another one before Father’s Day,


Fuck. That. Noise.

Summer’s gonna suck a big fat one,


Mother's Day 2014! Now with more mother!

…to my awesome mother!

Duh! Who did you think I was gonna wish it to?

Word to my mother,


Old Poop!