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Goodbye, Berlin Bear.

Hello, Bill Murray!

Hello, Bill Murray!




You’ll be missed.

Got a pocket full of loose cards now,


PS: That was a gift from Marla.

…my good friend Marla Campbell asked if I’d put Mark Linn-Baker and Bronson Pinchot (AKA Cousin Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous of Perfect Strangers fame) in a header here on The Blarg.

I said sure, and quickly made up the banner you see above.

NOTE: For those of you happening upon this post late, here’s the banner again:

Cousin Larry and Balki forever immortalized on "The Blarg."

But I told Marla I’d do it on one condition: That she create an illustration of Cousin Larry and Balki, and then send me a photo of it when it was done.

A few days later, I got this in an email:

Cousin Larry and Balki forever immortalized by Marla Campbell!

Clearly, Marla is a woman of her word. Check out more of her work here.

Don’t be ridiculous,


PS: Any other header requests, dear readers?

Walt, Jr. on Fremont Street!

…that we saw Walt, Jr. (R.J. Mitte) on Fremont Street!

Latta spotted him,


With Latta! In Vegas!

…even if we did have to sleep in the same bed together.

Just like the old days,



Especially to have it at a Walgreens at 1AM on the Vegas Strip,


You buy gas from THERE?!? It's TERRIBLE'S!

…but I’m assuming the name says it all.

Gonna open my own station next-door and call it Horrible’s,


Zzyzx Road!

…is this street.

I’m pretty sure a Polish person named that,


Attention Christ lookalikes!

…they’re looking for actors, models, and talent to play Christ in something, or that Christ is gonna come back and they’re looking for actors, models, and talent to perform for him.

Either way, I want a ticket.

Something tells me it will be at the Magic Castle,


Father + Son = Beer-Brewing Buddies!

…to my awesome, beer-brewing buddy!

Love ya, Dad!

Papa’s got a brand new batch,


Old Poop!