…but if you haven’t, it’s basically a show that tells (and recreates) the true stories of people who are horrifically murdered by family members. Horrible, true, but pretty standard. After all, most homicide victims were killed not by a stranger, but by a trusted loved one.

Still, for whatever reason, Blood Relatives features a shocking amount of “dead things in jars” in their episodes. For real.

Judy killed her more rich/beautiful/successful sister Leslie and stuffed her in a freezer. Cue the dead raccoon in a jar!

Jake killed his parents after Thanksgiving dinner. Cue the dead hamster in a jar!

Phillip killed his Uncle Bill when he failed to fulfill his promise and take him to a ballgame. Cue the dead pig in a jar!

Investigation Discovery's "Blood Relatives" = DEAD SHIT IN JARS!

Seriously. In any given episode, Blood Relatives showcases more dead things in jars than Ed Gein’s farmhouse.

If you’ve seen this show before, pay attention from now on. If you haven’t seen this show before… well, you’re probably a well-adjusted pillar of society, so move along. There’s nothing for you to see here.

Except a ton of dead shit in jars.

I think Investigation Discovery owns stock in dead shit,