I recently came across some old photos I shot over the last twenty years or so.

Rather than let them sit on a CD for the rest of my life I figured I’d save them to my desktop, dust them off, and share them with you guys one image at a time.

Hope you enjoy them.

"More Miserable Disney Kids"

"More Miserable Disney Kids"

More Miserable Disney Kids

Just like Happy Disney Family, I shot these images of miserable kids in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in May 2001.

As I mentioned in the earlier post, during this trip I purposely sought out children and families who looked like they were having a miserable time in a place that is known for the exact opposite.

Like Happy Disney Family, the top image—of a limp, dead-like child being held in his father’s arms as they wait in line at Space Mountain—was shot  with my Mamiya RB67. The bottom image—of a girl sitting on the ground crying as adults stand around ignoring her—was shot with my Lubitel-2, an old, Russian medium-format camera that shoots square images.

Both images were shot on 120 transparency film and processed in C-41 (negative color film chemistry), which is a process also known as cross processing. This process is what gives the image its high contrast and vibrant colors.

By the end of the trip, I probably had eight to ten quality images similar to the ones above; not necessarily enough for a true series (at least in my opinion). I meant to shoot more images like these the next time I made my way back to Disney World but, to date, I have not.

Disneyland is calling… might have to revisit this idea soon,