a fair amount of my DVDs.

Now, I’ve moved on to my CD collection, which over the years has admittedly grown to a ridiculous size. I decided to tackle this enormous task by first getting rid of my burned (not purchased) CDs.

Back in the day (early 2000s), I’d go to the library, borrow the maximum amount of albums, copy them to blanks, and then add them to my collection. Over time, the burns in my collection grew to numerous hundreds.

My ever-shrinking CD collection.

The big question though was, “What do I do with these burned CDs?” I could chuck ’em, easy. But then they’d just be sitting in a landfill where they’d still be on the day I took my last breath. Also, even though they’re just burns, we’re still talking about some quality (and free) music here!

My good friend Erik Rose suggested donating them to a School of Rock. There, my burns could become a library of sorts for kids to pull and learn from. Not only was that not a bad idea, but we actually know a couple that are opening a new School of Rock in Woodland Hills in 2015.

And so tomorrow I’m parting ways with hundreds of hours of music I’ve grown to love over the years. Sure, I have them all ripped and backed up, but I put a shitload of effort and time into the creation of these discs, so a little part of me will be sad to see them go.

Another (bigger) part, however, will be happy to pass them on to a new generation of music lovers and creators.

If one song on one album connects with one kid, it will all have been worth it.

And then my CD collection was nearly halved,