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No more treats, Grey!

Shit. I’ve been feeding ’em to Grey for months now.

That explains why she started barking,


Fatty culture, yo!

I like culture on my enchiladas,


Still scary as fuck.

They all float,


In 2009, I gave you these.

In 2010, these.

In 2011, these.

In 2012, these.

In 2013, these.

And last year, I gave you these.

And now, with another year of Blarg headers behind us, I give you these:

And then there were seven,



…I was fortunate enough to marry this little lady.

Since then, we traveled all over the world, picked up another cat along the way, and became parents. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Happy anniversary, KB. Love you.


Wrestling rarely surprises me, but this did.

…for this MySpace article! Dig it!

Be sure to check out the anonymous troll in the comments section,


Dinner with Erik, Robyn, and the Gerrys!

And for picking up the bill,


Here we are in October 1976. I’m one month old.

Ron & Justin: October 1976

And here we are in April 1977. I’m around seven months old.

Ron & Justin: April 1977

I had more hair back then,


She doesn't look a day over six!

…but I think Audrey looks amazing for 67.

I look older than that right now,


Do it! NOW!

Color me and my beer while you’re eating your grilled cheese sandwich and fries!

Chicago kids are hardcore,


Old Poop!