…back in October! Mostly because of… you know, life.

After flying to Chicago with KB, Grey, Meatshake, and Heisenberg on September 26th, I then flew back to L.A. to wrap up our packing/moving, grab Mr. Fabulous, and then make the long drive back to Chicago.

When I got there, I found Beth waiting to pick me up at LAX!

Surprise chaperone at LAX!

It was an awesome surprise, especially since I had just helped her move up to San Anselmo a few weeks prior.

I was only in L.A. for an insanely hectic four days, so we had to use our time wisely. To be read: We went to Disneyland…

Disneyland surprise!

…with all of these folks, who played hooky from their jobs/lives to hang out.

Yeah, buddy!

We even went over to California Adventure and rode California Screamin’, which we pondered intensely.

California... Screamin'? Hmmm.

It was a great way to leave L.A. That is, until I went back a few weeks later.

Thanks to Beth for making the long trek to surprise me, and thanks to all of the folks who came out to Disneyland. Miss and love all you guys!

I know some pretty amazing folks,