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Turtlecalls. That's a real thing.

I was thoroughly confused.

You can listen here.

Yes, this is a real thing. And I’m jealous I didn’t come up with it first.

Doherty has one coming to him,


Holy pho-k.

…in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Only a matter of time before someone makes them change their name,



Thanks, man.

Bring back Rico,


February 19th, 2016: Katherine Bryja

February 19th, 2016: Justin Shady
February 19th, 2016: Grey Danger Shady

February 19th, 2016: Mr. Fabulous

February 19th, 2016: Meatshake

February 19th, 2016: Heisenberg
Three-hundred and sixty-five days later.

Again, we’re doing something like this.

Six years worth… and now with a new member,


“What I’d like to have right now is for all you fat, ugly, [insert city] sweat hogs, is to keep the noise down, while I take off my robe and show the ladies what a real man looks like.”

…has officially taken over my weekly wrestling writing gig at MySpace.

Check out his first article here!

To new beginnings,


…KB and I were in Istanbul with some friends.

Every time we visit a new city/country we take a “jumping” photo. But when you’re dealing with five people (and a camera on a timer) it takes some time to get everyone synced up.

These were taken in the courtyard between the Yeni Cami (New Mosque) and the Mısır Çarşısı (Spice Bazaar).

Harry and I got the hang of it pretty quickly…

Our first attempt at an Istanbul jump!

…only to lose it immediately thereafter. This photo also makes it look like KB is kicking Rebecca in the ass.

Our second attempt at an Istanbul jump!

This one is just a total fail.

Our third attempt at an Istanbul jump!

As is this one, save for KB who looks amazing.

Our fourth attempt at an Istanbul jump!

Rebecca looks like she’s throwing in an old “SIEG HEIL!” salute on this one. Also, the guy staring at us there on the right is amazing.

Our fifth attempt at an Istanbul jump!

Girls: 3, Boys: 0.

Our sixth attempt at an Istanbul jump!

Girls: 0, Boys: 2.

Our seventh attempt at an Istanbul jump!

So close… but not really.

Our eighth attempt at an Istanbul jump!

Finally! Five people all in the air at once! About damn time.

Finally! Success!

And it only took us… forever.

Hoping to jump in London and Havana later this year,


…for sending me a sweet care package from Moldova!

It came with these awesome stamps…

Jenea mail!

…and an original Jenea illustration on the envelope.

Jenea mail!

Inside, Jenea gave me a postcard, a sticker, and some cash money…

Jenea mail!

…plus a Merry Christmas postcard featuring more of Jenea’s artwork.

Jenea mail!

Taped to the back were some Moldovan and Ukrainian coins…

Jenea mail!

…and this sweet USSR-era coin! Awesome, right? да!

Jenea mail!

Thanks to Jenea for sending it all my way,


In 2013, we spent it together in Budapest.

In 2014, we spent the day with our friend Rebecca in Brussels.

Last year, we Valentine’d it up with Rebecca and her husband Harry in Istanbul.

And this year, we spent it in America. Chicago, to be exact.

Valentine's Day 2016 with KB and Emily!

Wonder where we’ll spend Valentine’s Day 2017,


This is the end.

…in this article! Dig it!

It comes to an end,



No, the other side,


Old Poop!