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Bill Murray! Bill Murray!

…because, you know, that’s where you hang your Bill Murrays.

Finally hung the McFlys,


I saw her move!

The doll wears it better,


Night. Mares. Are. Made. Of. This.

For reals.

Apologies to Kate C.,


Steer clear of Trap Jaw!

That’s what happens when you let kids play with toys.

Or when you let me play with toys,


…for sending Mr. Fabulous a gift that officially makes her one of us!

The Fab in the hat!

By Dr. Fabulous!

She was feeling so left out,


My nightmares brought to life.



Ween and wrestling!

Oddly enough, an hour after I noticed that I started listening to music on random, and this was the first song to pop up:

I did! It was hilarious!

Out of over 34,000 songs! Weird.

The Boognish sees all,


That’s depressing.

We're doomed.

And here I thought this whole gun debate thing would be our downfall,


…Grey got us some matching Puma kicks…

Like father, like daughter.

…and this book for me to read to her.

You want me to read you ANOTHER book?!? This is MY DAY!

She’s really looking out for her best interests,


To, duh, my father!

This is probably considered racist now.

My dad was almost always behind the camera, so I don’t have a whole lot of photos of us together in the early years. And by “early years” I mean “the 1970s.”

From what I can tell this is our first photo together.

First photo!

It was also shared by my mom and my godparents: Ed, Nancy, and Robin.

Here’s a photo of us when my dad was rocking a sweet mustache.

Sweet 'stache!

And us at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Yes, I was a sailor.


And finally, a photo of us on my two-year birthday, accompanied by an awesome Herry Monster birthday cake!

Birfday cake! With Herry Monster!

Love you, Dad!

I learned it by watching him,


Old Poop!