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…for these sheets of awesome birthday stickers.

They include a ton of poop stickers, “PRINCESS JUSTIN IS TURNING FORTY” stickers, “40 AND STILL SMOKIN’ HOT” stickers, “480 MONTHS” stickers, and stickers with three Muppets and Elmo wishing me a happy birthday on it.

Thanks, guys! A lot of these are already stuck to things.

Sticker sucker,


We got some Pearson love!
…and the pint glasses.

Our turn to go to Des Moines,


Grey's first passport stamp.

Itching for international,


…for my birthday all the way from San Francisco.

I sock the line.

The Man in Black... socks.
Yeah, buddy!

But then, the very next day, I got these pairs of socks from my good friends Bryan and Alisha in Columbus.

More socks!

And this pair of socks (which may or may not be knee-highs for a woman) from my good friend Sue in Los Angeles.

And more socks!

I’m sensing both a trend and a conspiracy here.

Still, all of the pairs are much appreciated… and desperately needed.

I can take a hint.

Socks it to me,


Hello, 40.



Bye, 39.

Feels like just last year,


…because it meant we now had someone else to put in ridiculous outfits.

Grey's Chip!

Mr. Fabulous was a bit too optimistic.

Fab's Dale!

We’re now having twice as much fun,


…and Pauly Shore in this Funny or Die short.

Shore’s Weiner,



…about life on the rails.

n8tch (AKA “Notch Eight”) is filled with stunning imagery and interesting stories about railfans, railcar graffiti, and what it’s like to spend most of your days (and nights) on a train.

Pick up your own copies (it’s on its second issue) of n8tch here, check out their Tumblr page here, and follow them on Instagram here.

Makes me nostalgic for those old interlocutor days,


No biggie.

If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a million times.

Still ain’t got nothing on Hollywood,


Old Poop!