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She said yes!

It’s probably happened,



Mr. Fabulous is watching Grey,


Look at all them Campbells/Parsons!

…for stopping by for Thai food and booze!

Grey had a kid-tastic weekend,


Wedding #1 was a success!

I mean, I married them to each other. I didn’t personally marry them.

Anyway, I can marry people now, so bring it!

I can also officiate funerals,


Look at all them Schleichers!

…for visiting us this past weekend!

Grey was napping when that was taken, and only appears in a pic on KB’s phone.

First set of two kids,


The power (and confusion) of a headline.



…just showed up in a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Dig it!

I’d be pleased as punch if Theune were my stepfather,


I feel so horribly guilty.

…to read a short sidebar I wrote for them called Bluestown vs. Brewtown.

And yes, I feel horribly guilty about writing this one. But, hey, at least I got to bag on that human turd Sheriff David Clarke.

You can also read it here. It’s at the bottom of the article.

Gonna get some shit from my family for this one,


Must be a part of the deep state!

Be sure to get your 10% discount!

Sorry, but members of the military don’t qualify.

Dotting your I’s and crossing your L’s,


Sound the ham sirens!

…but never hamonados.

It’s the most delicious natural disaster you’ll ever find yourself in,


Old Poop!