Wrapped up this one, and now on to this one:

Me finally read this book one day.

In 2008, KB and I saw David Sedaris speak in Milwaukee. We had somewhere else to be immediately after the event and couldn’t stick around for his signing, so I gave my newly-purchased copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day to a friend who was waiting in line and asked him to have David sign it. This is what I got:

Damn right.

Soon after this event happened, we packed our lives up into boxes and moved to L.A. For some reason, however, this book made its way into a box that didn’t make the journey west—at first, we weren’t sure how long our L.A. move would last—instead ending up in a friend’s basement. That basement eventually flooded, the books inside got water damaged, our friend moved, and the box then somehow wound up in my dad’s basement.

Now, the box is finally back in my possession, and I’m ready to read a book that I bought a decade ago.

Let’s hope it was worth the wait.

And then, Mamet,