…updates on The Blarg have been pretty slow these past few months.

Some of this is due to the fact that summer is a crazy time that typically creates a bit of a lull in regular updates. After all, when it’s nice out, people should be out enjoying life/nature/booze/etc., not regularly checking in on an admittedly dumb blog that makes me exactly zero dollars.

But while all of that is a fact, I’ve also been insanely busy working on a ton of upcoming projects. Hopefully, if the stars align and everything goes well, I will be able to share some exciting updates with all of you very soon.

And if they don’t align, well… I’ll just drown myself in depression with cans of Miller High Life and frozen Jack’s pizzas over the winter, and then re-emerge fatter, bitter, and more beardy in the spring.

So, you know… wish me luck!

Thanks for the patience, and I honestly hope to share some amazing news with all of you very soon.

Fingers crossed,