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…designs Hot Wheels for Mattel.

One of his cars, the Mach Speeder, recently made its way onto a USPS stamp.

We have the coolest friends,


I knew this dirty-ass rag would show up after your last visit!

For those interested in the rag’s history, click here (scroll up from the bottom).

Coming back to you… SOON,


…as I’m sure you can tell from the fucking Christmas tree in the photo, but big thanks to Grampus and Grandma Sue for coming to visit the kids back in, you know… December.

I’m the worst,


Kentucky’s worst enemy,


…now that I’m done with Zodiac.

Now, a love letter to A Tribe Called Quest from author Hanif Abdurraqib. It is called Go Ahead In The Rain: Notes To A Tribe Called Quest.

To be followed by some YA fiction,


Mark via Neal!

…for his Triviality podcast bonus episode of Behind the Trivia. Dig it here!

I love connecting dots,


…of the new theme is up! Here it is:

And this is super anti-climactic, because it took me so fucking long to get to this point (in case you haven’t noticed, my Blarg updating in 2019 has been pretty pitiful), but the one thing everyone in the headers has in common is… me! At one point or another, I’ve had an in-person conversation with each and every person.

Normal Blarg headers (and hopefully more regular updating) will resume… now!

Check out all of the headers here,


Old Poop!