I joined Facebook sometime in 2007 because, honestly, everyone else was doing it. Yep, I’m a lemming.

Anyway, soon after we moved to L.A., and Facebook kind of became a nice way for me to keep track of loved ones who were now living 2,000+ miles away.

But since then I’ve become, at most, a casual user. I never find myself mindlessly scrolling through my feed. To be honest, I usually log on, post something, then immediately leave without reading even one word from any of my 800+ e-friends. And 90% of the time, my posts are just links to articles on this site.

In addition to my almost complete lack of interaction on Facebook (or at least as much interaction as one can have online), let’s be honest, Facebook is pretty awful. Zuckerberg is a greedy, opportunistic ghoul (at best) who has no problem selling people off to the highest bidder. Or any bidder for that matter.

But it’s totally worth it for all those targeted ads for tires and toilet paper and toothbrushes, right? Nah, not really.

We thought social media would bring us closer. We were wrong. It made us pick sides, and I’ve been just as guilty of encouraging and engaging in tribalism as anyone. I loathe what Facebook has made us as a whole, but more importantly I’m grossed out by what it’s made me.

As many of you know, Mr. Fabulous passed away three weeks ago, and the outpouring of love and support that people expressed on Facebook during that time was amazing. But with another election cycle right around the corner, I feel like Fab’s passing is a good place to stop. A bright light at the end of an excruciatingly long, soul-sucking, and time-wasting tunnel.

Since I no longer feel invested in the massive online community that is Facebook, I’ll be deleting my account on Monday, January 6th. If anyone is still interested in keeping in touch with me you can always follow me by subscribing to The Blarg or hit me up on Instagram. (And, yes, I know Instagram is also owned by Zuckerberg, but there seems to be something much less repugnant about sharing images with the world rather than opinions.)

I may also delete my Twitter account (still weighing the pros and cons), but haven’t made a final decision yet so, at least for now, you can follow me there.

I’ll also be deleting Grey and West’s Facebook accounts. In hindsight, it was stupid of me to ever start up those pages.

I hope you all have a great 2020. And if I don’t hear from some of you ever again, I sincerely hope you have a great life. I just feel that, for my own betterment and sanity, I have to log off of Facebook for good.

Much love,