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How do I know? Because later this month it’s being released there on DVD and Blu-ray, and buyers will be able to pick from one of these three collector’s covers.

German "Vendetta" cover A!

German "Vendetta" cover B!

German "Vendetta" cover C!

Me and Hasselhoff,


It's the Muppet chat!

…and you realize more than half of them have a Muppet character within reach.

Love and miss those guys… and the rest of humanity,


"The Field" starring two of our very best buds!

…star in filmmaker Tate Bunker’s newest feature, The Field.

Here’s the film’s log line from IMDb: A long-empty farmstead holds secret worlds, accidentally unlocked by an amateur photographer and his wife.

Tim plays the amateur photographer! Mark plays an angry sheriff! And guess who else is in it? Veronica Cartwright (The Birds, Alien) and Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Damn! That’s some star-power shit right there!

I know you’ve got a lot of indoor/free time on your hands, so check it out. You can buy/rent it on iTunes, or if you have Amazon Prime you can stream it for free.

This post was also six months in the making… I’m the worst,


Old Poop!