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Haunty Holidays!

And from Otto "The Blade"!

We’ll have a baseball team by Easter,


The 2020 Krampus ornament by Dr. FrankenBecky!

…created by Dr. FrankenBecky in the UK!

Last year’s Krampus,


It was a constant reminder of the situation we were in. And, I guess technically, one we’re still in for another 34 days, but you get the point.

Out with the old... asshole.

But last night, I decided it was time for a change.

Let the sunshine in!

He’s been erased from my computer. And hopefully, over time, from history.

I feel better now,


Was never a fan. Of the sandwich, not cannibals.

…but they should really consider renaming it to something less… spot on.

Maybe the Gein-wich,


Fisto? More like Stubbo.

…specifically, his arms. And toes. And fist.

At least she didn’t gnaw off his other appendage,


Mark Metcalf in "Character" by Vera Brunner-Sung.

…is the subject of a new short documentary, titled Character, from filmmaker Vera Brunner-Sung. It’s pretty fantastic.

Check it out, and then read a piece The New Yorker did on the film, here.

He certainly is a character,



…of a pepper has now turned into a fun (and time-consuming) project of drawing faces on different produce for my good friend Dwellephant.


Learn more about Dwellephant’s project here, and then check out more of his work here. Oh, and don’t forget to buy some of his stuff here!

You just done got produced,


Super, man!

…have gotten pretty weird. And thematic.

Both are winners in my book,


Me! With more posts coming at you… right now!

Sorry for the delay. Been busy with kindergarten and depression and alcoholism.

Just kidding! Kind of.

Stay tuned, and thanks for the patience.



Old Poop!